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Becker CPA Review

Rating: 4.8

Studying for the CPA exam is one of the most challenging things I have ever done outside of graduating from college.  The amount of time needed to study is almost like having a full-time job in addition to my day job.  The long nights of studying after work reminded me of what is was like during finals week, except with the CPA exam, I was studying every single night for weeks on end.  Having a study course to be able to keep me focused with a study plan, knowing exactly the topics I need to study is essential. In addition, because I am working full-time, being able to study anywhere without needing to carry around a ton of books and materials was essential.  I could study on the train or during lunch, allowing me to add more study hours to my day. Today we’ll take a look at the Becker CPA review course and see whether it could be helpful for your journey in studying for the exam.  Ready?  Let’s get started.
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What we like

Ability to create a customized study plan

You have the option to create a personalized study program based on an already scheduled exam date or the amount of time you have available to study each week.  You can print a copy of the study plan if you work better with hard copy.  The platform also includes a calendar so that you can take a long-term view of your study progression.

I used the suggested exam period based on my ability to study 25-30 hours each week.  You receive a detailed schedule of when to study for each portion of the exam along with a recommended testing window.  If things get busy or if you find yourself with more time on your hands, you can adjust the study plan to better accommodate your new schedule.

Schedule the exam directly from the portal

In the dashboard, you have the ability to register for your notice to schedule for each part of the CPA exam, including a CPA exam tracker that shows you the state, exam date, and exam grade.  Knowing where to go to register and how to apply to take the exam can take quite a bit of extra time.  Being able to register for the exam, keep up with exam dates and even test scores all in one place makes life so much easier.

Live online and in-person classroom scheduling options

The higher tiers of the Becker CPA course allow for a live component to their CPA review curriculum.  You can take virtual classes if your schedule allows and is convenient.  If you prefer a more traditional classroom, you have the option to sign up for in-person courses.  This seems to be an awesome feature that is unique to the Becker review course as I have not seen it in other courses I have looked at.

Video tutorials to help you to navigate the exam

The course includes video tutorials that help you to navigate the ins and outs of the exam.  There are tips on best ways to manage the exam, the structure of the exam, and even the simulations you will take on exam day.  This comes in super handy when it comes to preparing to take the test and can help to relieve some of the anxiety of feeling like you do not know what to expect.  This is included as a part of the Skill Master video library.

Detailed outlines of each study modules

Each study section includes a detailed outline to cover the material.  Each section includes a pre-assessment to help you to determine here your weaknesses are initially.  In addition, there is a video lecture for each individual concept, skills practice to test your knowledge, multiple-choice questions, and simulations similar to those that you would see on the exam.  Once you have completed the section, you can go through an adaptive review of the material based on your work throughout the section.

Performance dashboard

The course includes a performance dashboard which highlights your progression through the course.  You can keep track of which lectures have been viewed in addition to the questions answered, including the number answered correctly.

What we didn’t like

Navigation takes a little bit of getting used to

The dashboard includes numerous tabs to help you navigate through your studying of the course.  While there is a lot of material that is extremely helpful, there is a little bit of a learning curve to help you find everything.

Request a lot of personal information

While the material in the course is extremely beneficial, I found the amount of personal information to be somewhat of a drawback.  In addition to the usual information such as name, email address, and courses to take, they also ask questions such as where you graduated from school, graduation date, and the name of your employer.  These questions are required as a part of the registration process.

How much does it cost

The Becker review course includes three price points based on the features that you’re looking for:

Advantage – $2,399

  • Includes unlimited access for 24 months for each of the four sections
  • Includes more than 1,400 digital flashcards to help you solidify your knowledge of important CPA exam terminology and concepts.
  • Adaptive technology that is tailored to your specific strengths and weaknesses to help you concentrate on the areas here you need more practice.
  • Task based simulations that help you to prepare for the exam
  • 12 simulated exams to replicate hat you will experience in the actual exam

Premium – $2,999

The Premium review course option includes everything in the Advantage plan, plus:

  • Unlimited access as opposed to 24-month access
  • A comprehensive final review of the exam material, including condensed material, additional multiple-choice questions, and simulations.
  • An additional multiple-choice question database with over 1,100 practice questions
  • Access to CPA exam success coaches to help you along as you study for the exam
  • A live, online classroom component if you want additional guidance

Pro – $3,499

The Pro version of the Becker CPA review course includes everything in the Premium and Advantage plans, plus:

  • Printed versions of over 1,400 flashcards
  • A live in-person classroom option
  • An option to schedule up to five one on one academic tutoring sessions
  • A one-year subscription to their Continuing Professional Education service

Rating criteria

CriteriaRatingWhat we think

While the Becker review course has all the bells and whistles you need to make your CPA journey a success, it is true that you get what you pay for when it comes to extras.  All of the live classroom instruction, one on one tutoring sessions, and access to additional practice questions comes at a much higher price point.


There are multiple ways to receive support within the platform.  In addition to the video mentioned before, you can also contact the academic support and customer support teams for additional help.  If you have chosen the premium or pro plans, you also have access to CPA success coaches, one on one academic tutoring, and live classroom instruction.

Practice exams

The course includes 12 full simulated practice exams to help you prepare for the actual exam.

Video instructions

The videos are a great way to cover the material.  Each video is a bite-sized review of the material and include the applicable section of the coursebook directly with the material.  The video also includes a timer so that you can track how much time you have remaining in each section.

Practice questions

There are numerous ways to practice the material outlined in each section, including pre-assessments, multiple-choice question databases and simulations to help you learn the material.  The vast number of questions was very helpful in ensuring that I’m learning the material without becoming repetitive.


When does Becker update their CPA exam review and final review content?

All CPA exam review and final review content are updated in December.


In my opinion, the Becker review course is one of the most comprehensive review courses that I’ve seen.  No matter how you learn, there is a methodology to support you.

If you need additional help, there are tutoring sessions available for one on one help.

I haven’t seen any other courses that offer both a virtual and live in-person classroom option to help solidify your knowledge base.

That being said, the Becker review course is not inexpensive, but with all that you receive in support of your CPA journey it may well just be worth it.

Best of luck to you as you study for the CPA exam.

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