7Sage LSAT Review

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7Sage LSAT Review

Rating: 4.4

After completing an undergrad degree with a major in Political Science and a minor in English Literature, I felt my advanced logic chops might not be on par with other law school applicants. I initially turned to the 7Sage prep course to help increase my LSAT score and improve my chances of getting into one of my preferred choices. But I discovered this program had a great deal more to offer. This is what I took away from the LSAT prep course process.

Reviewed by James V

What we like

Solid Logical Reasoning Section

One of the trickier things that I discovered as an undergraduate was that so-called “logical reasoning” did not necessarily synch with the way everyday people think. In college, I only took an “Intro to Logic” course to get on track with this way of recognizing and understanding argument forms. The 7Sage program accounts for the fact that not everyone studied logic and flawed reasoning can prove fatal on the LSAT and in law school. Because the 7Sage curriculum explains how premises and conclusions function, the course adds valuable knowledge.

Blind Review Turned Into A Habit

In the introduction, 7Sage doesn’t just immerse you in their preparation method. They take the time to explain why studying one way proves more beneficial than another. One of the valuable areas this proves true is in the Blind Review process. As the instructor explains, many people take a preparation test with the idea of improving their score each time. This way of marking progress is not necessarily going to help you get a higher LSAT score.

Instead of checking answers in a way that measures success, the 7Sage method uses test grading as another tool to augment knowledge. Let’s face it, the chances of those specific prep questions being on your LSAT are probably zero. So, understanding how to solve any problem seems to be more valuable than checking B on a multiple-choice question and crossing your fingers.

Reading Comprehension Could Help LSAT Scores

Although law school applicants typically already have an undergraduate degree, reading comprehension can be challenging. This is not to imply that LSAT-takers can’t read at a college level. But if you took a constitutional law course as an undergrad, it became abundantly clear that U.S. Supreme Court justices are very chatty. Learning to identify concise facts, legal reasoning for the decision, and precedents can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. The 7Sage program emphasizes how to remain focused, string facts together, and identify a flow to lengthy information. The method helps — to some degree — to keep you awake through some boring materials. 

Learning Through Game Playing

It would be something of an understatement to say that studying can be dull. Preparing for the LSAT is not exactly filled with poetry or jokes. So, lightening the process with sequencing games made it a little more fun to sharpen your reasoning. The 7Sage program helps turn learning into a nerdy puzzle. That definitely piqued my interest and made the study process more palatable.

Visual Tools Help Bring It All Together

Some social science researchers indicate that about 65 percent of us are considered “visual learners.” If you were wondering why you fell asleep in classes that included long lectures, it was only partially because of the profs monotone voice. Another reason was probably that you, like many of us, are a visual learner. I was impressed that the 7Sage program takes into account that visual learning is important. The prep course uses moving highlight tools and colorful presentations to help keep you engaged.

Beyond the visual tools that can connect with the majority of learners, the LSAT prep course offers text and audio. If you are in the learning minority, i.e., an auditory learner, this course delivers for the student who stayed awake all the way through 90-minute lectures

What we didn’t like

Smarter Than Thou Attitude

My main criticism does not necessarily have to do with the process or content. It’s more of that sales pitch stuff that 7Sage is better than all the rest. And, that you’re wasting your time with other LSAT prep courses. The smarter-than-the-rest mantra doesn’t hold water, in my opinion. It’s a turnoff.

A Little Too Much Emphasis on Test-Taking

While the 7Sage course definitely helps prepare you to take the LSAT, the curriculum prioritizes test-taking as the key to success. This is not to say that it does not provide plenty of meaty instruction. Although reasonably effective, it could offer a little more balance with other methods. Please consider this only pet peeve.  

How much does it cost

Available online, this program uses an audio, text, and visual learning approach to acquiring knowledge and reasoning skills to improve LSAT scores.

Price: $69 per month plus $99 for a one-year subscription. (Free Trial)

Includes: More than 50 hours of audio, visual, and text instruction, 95 LSAT prep test, 7,500 questions, analytics, and personalized study scheduler.

Who should get this: Law school applicants who have earned a bachelor’s degree. This course is particularly helpful for people who were not pre-law in college and those with a need to strengthen logical reasoning and reading comprehension.

Rating criteria

Criteria Rating What we think

Although prep courses tend to lean toward the boring side, this program buoys interest through clever visual tools and puzzles. Basically, 7Sage keeps it just light enough while teaching users how to win at the LSAT game.


Lectures can typically become monotone and boring. The 7Sage instruction had enough voice bounce and engaging dialogue to keep users engaged. If you survived a Poli-Sci track as an undergrad, this will be a welcome learning experience.

Practice exams

The 7Sage approach places a very heavy emphasis on test-taking, maybe a tad too much. Although it’s difficult to make a case that this method doesn’t work, balancing with other learning resources could lower the redundancy.

Video instructions

The visuals are quite helpful and engaging. This course uses color in a way that keeps users focused.

Practice questions

The quiz questions are part of a process that enhances logical reasoning and concise argumentation. Each proved helpful in the learning process. That’s largely because they are supported by additional instruction, regardless of whether you initially know the correct answer.


Are printable LSAT prep tests included?

Yes, printable PDFs of the prep tests and problem sets are included.

Which LSAT prep tests explanations are included in the paid plans?

Your paid plan will include all video explanations for every question in every prep test since 1996.


In terms of preparing potential law school candidates for the LSAT, there’s little doubt this prep course brings value to the table. It’s well thought out, taps auditory and visual learning, and makes the process fun, at times. The pricing seems quite reasonable and it allows you to acquire LSAT chops at your own pace. If you have to work and study, the built-in scheduler can prove invaluable. Although there are a few nitpicky criticisms, the 7Sage LSAT Prep Course certainly delivers on its promises and can help improve scores if you put in the time and effort.

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