15 Ways Students Can Make Extra Money

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Want to make some money as a student?

As a student, there are limited options in spending your time, especially if you want to keep up with classes and stay on point with your assignments.

However, there are options out there, beyond sending out your resume, inquiring for part-time jobs, or even on-campus occupations offered by your school. You can use your advantages, perks, and skills to make some extra money while still being able to attend all your classes.

And if you don’t have any skills to help you in this area, you can always let your strong work ethic spark in a way that will help you make some extra cash.

1. Tutoring

It’s perhaps one of the most obvious ways you can make some extra cash. It’s an opportunity for you to do more research on a particular subject, share that knowledge, and help others. It’s learning by teaching, with the added benefit of earning some money in the process. However, gather your patience if you want to give tutoring a try.

2. Proofreading

If you have excellent scores and confidence in a particular field, you can offer your proofreading skills for papers and essays that your fellow students want to submit. Be it research or basic grammar and spelling, you could make money by reading other people’s work. The only thing you need is the patience of fact-checking and free-to-use software already available online. It’s dreary but easy.


3. Sell Your Old Books

You don’t need them anymore. Take all the books that are now useless and taking up shelf space, and bring them on campus at the beginning of each term to find prospective freshmen or younger students who will be interested in purchasing them. Or, place an ad online for the same purpose. You gain some extra money that you thought lost, you clear space in your room, and it’s eco-friendly. It’s a win-win-win.

4. Rent Your Note-Taking Skills

It may seem like something basic, but attending classes is one thing and paying attention is another. Taking notes can actually be an art form if you’re well organized and can pay attention to details. Some professors will be placing some questions in exams and tests that they’ve talked about in class and can’t be found in books. Taking notes can be important, but not everyone does it right. If you can, offer your services in exchange for payment to do it for them.

5. Rent Out Your Parking Space

If you have a parking space that you’re not using, for whichever reason, don’t let it sit there unused. Rent it out. Parking spaces are not to find around campuses, and you can profit from that. If you do not own a car or simply prefer public transportation, you can rent out that slot to someone else. Save paradise by renting out your parking lot.

6. Become an Online Writer

It’s a bit specific because you will need to have some skills and the ability to make words flow. However, online writing is an excellent option for students, who both want to hone their talent and get some cash out of it. Take an interest on how to do it because there are several sites you can find who are looking for writers to post content for them. You can actually make money writing about something you truly enjoy, such as music or movies. No Pulitzer prizes, but you will get some extra cash.


7. Participate in Competitions

It’s almost a guarantee that you will see several competitions for willing students in most fields. Check out bulletin boards and the school’s website in search for contests that have a prize in money. Everything from arts to engineering or architecture, there’s always some way to get engaged in new projects, boast your skills and your ideas. This is especially the case if you’re enrolled in a prestigious engineering school or med school where innovations can come from brilliant students. And, if you win, there’s money to be earned.

8. Participate in Studies

It does sound a bit like becoming a guinea pig, but you don’t have to opt for projects that involve medication or any sort of chemical experiments. As a student, you can gain money by participating in simple surveys that are nothing more than questionnaires. All they want is your honest input and answers on your habits, all done anonymously.

9. Offer Your Cleaning and Laundry Services

A surprising amount of students either don’t know how to do laundry, don’t have to time, or are simply too lazy to bother. If you’re different, however, you can offer yourself to do their laundry in exchange for a fee. The best thing about it is that you can decide and negotiate how much you get. Even better, you can do their laundry while doing your own. One or two extra loads won’t take up that much of your time.

10. Become a Babysitter

It’s not exclusively a job you can do as a teenager or while you’re in high school. Babysitting services will always be needed, so keep an eye out for local families requesting someone to watch their kid. If you’re good with children, and you have the time, it’s a viable option for making extra money.


11. Take on Yardwork or Landscaping

You should take note that this is seasonal work, so you won’t be finding ads in the winter. However, many locals are looking for someone young who can handle landscaping, such as mowing the lawn or watering it during the scorching summer months. It’s very easy to learn, and you will get paid well, depending on your dedication.

12. Be a Dogwalker

Or work with animals in general. Just like babies, you can offer to house sit in general, be it for the purpose of watching a child or taking care of their pet. While cats are self-sufficient, dogs require more attention when it comes to feeding and walking them. Offer your services, and you can earn some cash by working with an adorable puppy that needs to be watched.

13. Be a Driver

There are plenty of people who don’t have cars or skills to drive one. If you have both, you can offer your services to students, be it to take them away from campus or a ride to the airport. Even more, you can help with them moving or driving their luggage at the beginning and end of the term. If not, you can simply sign up for services that will pay you for driving around locals. One word: Uber.

14. Become a TV Extra

The rise to stardom has to start somewhere. Or it could just be a way to get some extra cash. The chances are that your school is somewhere near studios or simply companies looking for extras to put into the background for TV series, commercials, or even movies. Not every person you see walking around on TV is an actor. You don’t have any lines, and all you have to do is show up and not trip. It’s as simple as that.

solitary jobs for introverts

15. Become a Blood or Plasma Donor

It’s perhaps the noblest way to earn some money. If you’re young and healthy, so you can definitely earn some money by donating blood or plasma to local hospitals in need. They’re always looking for either of those, and you have plenty to give. It’s painless, you’ll earn some money, and you could potentially save someone’s life. There’s no downside, and the fulfillment will be even better than the cash.

There are always ways for you to add more to your personal budget, and these are a few quick ones that could be done by mostly anyone. As a bonus suggestion, you could always become a YouTuber. It’s a famous practice among students, but it does need a while to take off. However, with hard work, compelling content, and charisma, it’s all possible.

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