Are Online Degrees Getting Worse

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More students are opting to go for online degrees, and here is why.

As our world continues to move toward a more technology-centered society, we are seeing that more and more people are turning to distance learning universities.

With the increase of students enrolling in these types of programs, online degrees are becoming more popular and respected by employers.


What do employers think of online degrees?

In the past, employers used to turn up their noses at resumes that listed an online university, but now they are more receptive.

The disdain for online degrees came from a lot of bad, unaccredited universities giving out inferior degrees, but the entire game has changed recently.

Distance learning programs have made leaps and bounds in proving themselves to be the cost-effective, quality choice, which is true for so many of them.

Given their convenience and price, it is no wonder that distance learning universities are becoming extremely popular. The number of programs being offered online is continuing to grow yearly and it wouldn’t be surprising to start seeing well regarded law schools in New England even offering online degree counter parts.


Are online degrees really cheaper?

Higher education is becoming increasingly expensive, so students are looking for cheaper ways to advance their careers.

With all of the ways that an online degree can save you money, it is no wonder that a greater percentage of people are choosing to take their education digital instead of going to a traditional university.

Employers are respecting these degrees as they begin to see them pop up in more and more job resumes. As they begin to become more prevalent and employers become more familiar with them, they will become increasingly accepted.

According to a Reuters report, the online education sector grew 13 percent in 2010. Moreover, almost a quarter of students are enrolled in at least some online college classes.

As it becomes increasingly more acceptable, it will soon not even be an issue anymore; it will merely be the norm.


Additionally, the U.S. Department of Education has reported that some types of online learning, or a mix of online and traditional, are actually better than face-to-face learning alone.

As news like this becomes more prevalent, students will continue to move toward distance learning instead of traditional campus-based schools, and thus, more online degree-holding students will be filling employment positions across all of the different markets.

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