A Day In The Life of Orderlies

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In this day in the life guide, you will find out:

  • What does a day as Orderlies looks like
  • What do they do every day

The purpose of this is to give you a clear picture of this career so you can make a better career decision on whether this career is suitable for you or not.

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Typical Day for Orderlies

Here is a list of tasks that Orderlies do every day.

  • Answer patient call signals, signal lights, bells, or intercom systems to determine patients’ needs.
  • Carry messages or documents between departments.
  • Change soiled linens, such as bed linens, drapes, or cubicle curtains.
  • Clean and sanitize patient rooms, bathrooms, examination rooms, or other patient areas.
  • Clean equipment, such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, or portable medical equipment, documenting needed repairs or maintenance.

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