A Day In The Life of Bookkeeping, Accounting and Auditing Clerks

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In this day in the life guide, you will find out:

  • What does a day as Bookkeeping, Accounting and Auditing Clerks looks like
  • What do they do every day
  • Things they do on a weekly or monthly basis
  • How many hours do they work

The purpose of this is to give you a clear picture of this career so you can make a better career decision on whether this career is suitable for you or not.

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Typical Day for Bookkeeping, Accounting and Auditing Clerks

Here is a list of tasks that Bookkeeping, Accounting and Auditing Clerks do every day.

  • Operate computers programmed with accounting software to record, store, and analyze information.
  • Check figures, postings, and documents for correct entry, mathematical accuracy, and proper codes.
  • Classify, record, and summarize numerical and financial data to compile and keep financial records, using journals and ledgers or computers.
  • Operate 1-key calculators, typewriters, and copy machines to perform calculations and produce documents.
  • Receive, record, and bank cash, checks, and vouchers.

Weekly and Monthly Tasks

Here is a list of tasks that Bookkeeping, Accounting and Auditing Clerks do on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Debit, credit, and total accounts on computer spreadsheets and databases, using specialized accounting software.
  • Prepare trial balances of books.
  • Calculate, prepare, and issue bills, invoices, account statements, and other financial statements according to established procedures.
  • Calculate and prepare checks for utilities, taxes, and other payments.
  • Compute deductions for income and social security taxes.

Working Hours

  • How many hours do Bookkeeping, Accounting and Auditing Clerks work per week? 40 hours per week
  • What is the work schedule like? Regular (Set schedule and routine)

Work Environment

Indoors, Environmentally Controlled

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