5 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Stay Safe On Campus

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Living on a college campus with no parents and no one to tell you what to do is 1 of the best experiences in life. However you are also more likely to make risky decisions. Of course, this is part of the college experience.

We are in on our way to adulthood and we have to start making our own decisions.

Here are 4 quick ways to stay safe while on campus.


Walk with friends

The most vulnerable state you can ever be in is alone. If you are a female, this is especially important. Even if you are strong or fast, attackers always assume that females are an easier target. When you are with friends, you will be exponentially safer.

If you have to park off campus, ask someone to walk you back to your dorm or apartment. This is a great time to have friends.

When you are driving back to school and need to park anywhere more than a block away, ask a friend to meet you at your car to walk you back. If your friends are busy or too lazy, at least text someone to tell them where you are parked and that you should be there soon. Then your friend will know if he or she needs to come looking for you.


Tell your friends where you are

Even dropping your roommate a simple text saying where you are is a good safety precaution. It may seem tedious at the time, but if you happen to go missing, someone will know where to look for you.

Take advantage of public safety

They are there to help you and keep you safe. Schools may have blue light stations and/or phone numbers to call for help. These are not only for emergencies and you shouldn’t be shy to use them especially when you don’t feel safe.

Call a public safety officer (or flag one down on the streets), and ask him or her to walk you home or to your destination.

Carry safety devices with you


Some examples are whistles, flashlights and pepper spray. We know that pepper spray or a flashlight may be annoying to carry, but a whistle is definitely doable. Put it on your keychain or in your jacket pocket or purse. This is a great tool especially when you’re in a dangerous situation.

By drawing attention to yourself, you can fend off potential attackers. Also, if someone it coming at you, a loud whistle can get someone’s attention and possibly save you.

Another great piece of safety advice is to use brightly coloured clothing or a reflective piece of material at night. Don’t be elusive. Let yourself be seen, so other around you would notice any strange or sudden actions.

And the number one tip is…

Always have your cell phones with you!

Without a phone, you could be stuck in a situation with no way out.

Stay safe by asking your public safety officials for tips and guidance.

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