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OwlGuru’s mission is to help students find the career they love. We do that by providing guidance, advice and tips to guide them on their path to career freedom.

Do you have the knowledge and experience to craft an article that will be able to make millions of students’ lives better?

  • If yes, please submit your pitch or idea below (Note: we read every single submission by you)
  • If not, there are multiple career websites that will accept your blog post like idealistcareers.org, careershifters.org or careercontessa.com.

Topics we’re looking for

Any topic that will help students with their life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the career or education niche.

It can be in the travel, beauty or health niche. As long as it helps students improve their lives then we’re cool with that.

  • Example from a travel niche: 10 Travel Hacks That Students Can Use
  • Example from a beauty niche: 5 Reasons Why Girls Shouldn’t Wear Makeup To School
  • Example from a health niche: How Oversleeping Can Drop Your Grades

Some of our authors

Ben Allen

Stanley Tan

Julie Petersen

Piper Kerrigan

Barney Whistance

What you will get if you write for us

  1. Exposure to over 50,000 of our social media fans
  2. Shared across 35,000+ Facebook fans and 13,000+ Twitter followers
  3. Max of 2 links to your website
  4. You will get full credit for your work
  5. Insane brand recognition as a writer

Things to take note off before submitting

  1. We don’t care how many words you write. Over here, we care about quality over quantity but try to keep it above 400 words.
  2. Please submit your article or pitch just once. A draft will be good too
  3. We’re only looking for articles that is fresh and haven’t been published elsewhere
  4. Short author bio including links to your personal website and social media profiles.

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