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University of Delaware: Know It All In 1 Minute

Table of Contents

1. Tuition and Fees
2. Financial Aid
3. Top 5 Majors
4. Getting In
5. Is It Worth It
6. Student Life

University of Delaware is a 4-year Public higher education institution. Located in Newark, DE. It is a Very Large-sized institution in the US.

University of Delaware holds an OwlGuru rank of A+ and it ranks #1 position in DE.

Tuition and Fees




The in-state tuition and fees for is $12342 (vs $14366 average in-state tuition and fees). While the out-state tuition and fees is $30692 (vs $16790 average out-state tuition and fees).

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Financial aid

Students who got financial aid

Students who got grants

Students who got federal student loans

Average grants

Average student loans

82% of students receive financial aid from University of Delaware. Not all students will receive the same amount of financial aid.

Note: Financial aid is only available for those who qualify.

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Top 5 Majors

Number of majors

Top 5 majors
1. Finance, General
2. General Studies
3. Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse
4. Psychology, General
5. Accounting

University of Delaware offers a total of 145 majors. Here is a list of their most popular majors by the number of graduates.

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Getting In

Getting in

Acceptance rate

Total applicants

Total admitted

Getting into University of Delaware is considered Medium. They have an acceptance rate of 65% (vs 68% average acceptance rate for colleges and universities).

Read more about the requirements to get into University of Delaware

Is it worth it

ROI (compare to other colleges)

Average graduate salary

Total cost

1 of the main reasons we go to college or university is to get a job and make money.

After analyzing and comparing the average graduate salary and cost for every college and university, we gave University of Delaware a ROI rank of A.

Student Life

Total students

Services and facilities

Campus safety

After analyzing the crime rates in University of Delaware and comparing with the other institutions, we gave this institution a safeness rating of C.

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About University of Delaware

University of Delaware is a 4-year Public higher education institution. Located in Newark, DE. It is a Very Large-sized institution in the US.

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University of Delaware
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University of Delaware is a 4-year Public higher education institution. Located in Newark, DE. It is a Very Large-sized institution in the US.
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