Spa Manager – Vicky Noden

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Day in the life of
Spa Manager – Vicky Noden

Vicky Noden
Spa Manager
Mayflower Spa Dorking

I am the owner and spa manager at Mayflower Spa Dorking. We are a luxury bespoke day spa in the heart of the Surrey hills, offering a menu of exquisite spa and beauty treatments.

My key responsibilities:

  1. Looking after my clients and making sure they have the best experience possible
  2. Looking after my therapists to make sure they enjoy their work
  3. Ensuring all standards of best practice are maintained
  4. Ensuring the smooth and profitable running of the spa

My day is far from routine and boring. It can start with the coffee run for the girls, hugs for a team member who is upset, hugs for a client who is upset, attending to paperwork, cash up, receipts, orders, invoices, appraisals, risk assessments and social media. We are a partnership-run business so we don’t have a HR or marketing department. We do this ourselves! Plus I answer the phone, take bookings, move bookings, reply to emails and think of social media content plus I may be required to do a massage or wax a bikini line! All in a days work!


  • Working in a calm, relaxing environment surrounded by chilled out clients
  • Doing a job I love with super people
  • Drawing in the aroma that flows throughout our spa
  • Being able to use as many delicious products as humanly possible
  • Feeling proud of our achievement every day


  • Maintaining my smiley face all day!
  • Maintaining a chilled out exterior whilst my brain is juggling a million thoughts
Vicky Noden
Spa Manager
Mayflower Spa Dorking

Spa Managers

plan, direct, or coordinate activities of a spa facility. Coordinate programs, schedule and direct staff, and oversee financial activities.

Salary: $45820
Salary Rank: C
Education: Post-secondary certificate
Becoming One: Medium
Job Satisfaction: Average
Job Growth: High
Suitable Personality: The Leader