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Music Composer – Edalo

Music Composer

My work as a music composer comes down to my drive and passion for music.

My Typical Day

A typical day for me starts with an early morning usually around 7am. Studio work varies from around 10-15 hrs throughout the day. I also try to get to bed early so then I achieve everything I want to when I wake up. My key responsibilities include running my own studio, starting/finishing client requests, answer emails & take calls, making sure my clients get what they need, and to also take moments to continue my learning on music/my interests.

Working on collaborations is a huge part of what I do. I believe a great discography comes from years of loving what you do. The more music you do and the more people you meet, the better it is for you.

Photo with Ken Scott

Photo with Ken Scott


  • Music helps relieve stress and promotes peace and harmony: Playing music requires a level of focus. While playing music, it also helps with easing the pressures of everyday life. It creates enjoyment for not only those who play but also for those who listen. Music is nature’s gift. Live music is essential in a living society. If there was no music the world would be one unhappy place.
  • It gives you a feeling of achievement: The longer you play, the better it will be for you. Over time there will specific things you want to achieve and with the right strategy you could accomplish a lot of great things musically. Some of those things include special appearances or gigs and getting to meet people you normally maybe wouldn’t have. Networking helps you achieve your goals faster.
  • Promotes ear strength and ability: Ear strength comes from playing over a long period of time. Being able to play and practice enhances those abilities. It also can help improve memory and treating mental illness. Neurological researchers have found that listening to music triggers the release of several neurochemicals that play a role in brain function and mental health.
  • Increases happiness not only for the musician but for other people around
  • Freedom to create your own path: Making your own schedule is an incredible feeling however if you are not careful it can be extremely overwhelming. Certain responsibilities and commitments include interviews, performances, recording sessions, etc. Being independent gives you the ability to make more money as well as create a lot of your own deals. If you’re working with a label, you might not have complete control.
  • You can get to travel and see the world: Being able to fulfill many of your natural desires is why many people become a musician or composer. Meeting new people and trying local cuisine can be great for the soul. Touring gives artists the ability to make a significant part of their revenue.


  • Financial risk: See employed composer will have a period of time of unemployed. When you first start off in the composing industry, you will need to find connections. Your schedule will be run on your commitments. In many cases, your schedule can run you, and you’ll need to do things when it’s convenient for you but not necessarily you. Also, when it comes to buying music gear things can add up fast. It’s important to not spend all the money you have in one place. Relocation to other cities is also common.
  • Rejection and judgement: Label deals can go sideways. Venue owners can break promises. Tours can be derailed. Recording sessions can come to an immediate halt over disagreements. Nothing is ever set in stone in the music industry. Artists come and go, and the market is always changing. What you can’t control is how people respond to you. Like it or not, you’ll have to deal with criticism.
  • Writer’s block: Sometimes when your creating music, you get stuck. Not sure what chord to play next, not sure what lyric or word to use. Confusion comes into play when dealing with writer’s block. It’s a difficult experience that can have a strong negative impact on a composer’s job satisfaction. The best way to break writer’s block is to enjoy other activities to help get your mind off it. Coming back with a fresh, clear mind always helps create better results.
  • Time spent alone: As a composer/musician you’ll spend a lot of your time creating by yourself. It’s important to make sure that you don’t lose out on opportunities. It might also be frustrating to parts of your family, friends, and loved ones over the fact that you might spend so much of your time in the world of your own creation. Some people say that it’s lonely at the top.
  • Potential ear damage over long periods of time: Working around loud music, can damage your ears. Ear fatigue is real when the ears are overworked. It becomes worse when you start to lose your hearing. Making sure that you have earplugs for live performances to help protect your ears for many years to come. You only have one set of ears so it is crucial to take care of them. Playing loud shows can promote stress on the ears. Over time without care, it is possible that you could have higher chances of becoming deaf in not one but both of your ears.

Advice to aspiring Music Composers

The advice I would give is to always continue to sharpen your tools. Find things that you are passionate about so your learning never stops. Preparation really comes down to how much determination you have. Whether it’s taking continuous music classes or getting out and networking, both are extremely beneficial to your music career. Create your own sounds and sample your own musicians. Nothing is a better feeling than creating something that is extremely rare. Stay updated on the latest gear. Have great gear that you know. This sets you apart from people who are uncomfortable in the studio. Have a good turnaround time and workflow, that way you can accomplish more.

Music Composer
My typical day So my typical day starts the day before I actually report to set / or on location. The day before I review my call sheet and spend a fe … Read More

Music Composers and Arrangers

write and transcribe musical scores.

Salary: $65720
Salary Rank: B
Education: Associate's degree
Becoming One: Medium
Job Satisfaction: Very High
Job Growth: Average
Suitable Personality: The Artist

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