Bank Teller – Harriet

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Bank Teller – Harriet

Bank Teller

I worked as a bank teller for five years. My typical day includes making and confirming morning counts, checking on all computers if they worked properly, talking to customers, and depositing and withdrawing money.

Later in the day, I had to write a report for my supervisor, which would also run through to my branch manager. The report had to detail any irregularities noticed throughout the day; these could include inaccurate deposits or withdrawal requests, group deposits to joint accounts, and fake currency incidences.

The work is monotonous for the most part but calls on critical analytical skills and decision-making capability on any absurdities. It is also essential to have excellent customer service skills while working in this role.

I loved this job because it allowed me to speak to customers directly, it’s only misgiving, however, was the constant threat of automation and redundancy.

Bank Teller


receive and pay out money. Keep records of money and negotiable instruments involved in a financial institution's various transactions.

Salary: $32960
Salary Rank: D
Education: No degree required
Becoming One: Easy
Job Satisfaction: Low
Job Growth: Low
Suitable Personality: The Organizer