Degree Required for Careers in Transportation

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Interested in a career in Transportation? Find out what degree do you need to get a job in this industry.

We have provided you a list of Transportation careers below and the degrees you need for each of the careers.

 Career nameDegree required
Aircraft Cargo Handling SupervisorsNo degree required
Supervisors of Helpers, Laborers and Material MoversNo degree required
Supervisors of Transportation and Material-Moving Machine and Vehicle OperatorsRailroad and Railway Transportation
Airline Pilots, Copilots and Flight EngineersAirline/Commercial/Professional Pilot and Flight Crew, Flight Instructor
Commercial PilotsAirline/Commercial/Professional Pilot and Flight Crew, Flight Instructor
Air Traffic ControllersAir Traffic Controller
Airfield Operations SpecialistsAir Traffic Controller
Flight AttendantsAirline Flight Attendant
Ambulance Drivers and AttendantsEmergency Care Attendant (EMT Ambulance)
Transit and Intercity Bus DriversTruck and Bus Driver/Commercial Vehicle Operator and Instructor
School or Special Client Bus DriversTruck and Bus Driver/Commercial Vehicle Operator and Instructor
Driver/Sales WorkersNo degree required
Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck DriversTruck and Bus Driver/Commercial Vehicle Operator and Instructor
Light Truck or Delivery Services DriversTruck and Bus Driver/Commercial Vehicle Operator and Instructor
Taxi Drivers and ChauffeursNo degree required
Locomotive EngineersRailroad and Railway Transportation
Locomotive FirersRailroad and Railway Transportation
Rail Yard Engineers, Dinkey Operators and HostlersRailroad and Railway Transportation
Railroad Brake, Signal and Switch OperatorsRailroad and Railway Transportation
Railroad Conductors and YardmastersRailroad and Railway Transportation
Subway and Streetcar OperatorsRailroad and Railway Transportation
Sailors and Marine OilersNo degree required
Motorboat OperatorsNo degree required
Ship EngineersMarine Science/Merchant Marine Officer
Bridge and Lock TendersNo degree required
Parking Lot AttendantsNo degree required
Automotive and Watercraft Service AttendantsNo degree required
Traffic TechniciansNo degree required
Transportation AttendantsNo degree required
Conveyor Operators and TendersNo degree required
Crane and Tower OperatorsConstruction/Heavy Equipment/Earthmoving Equipment Operation, Mobil Crane Operation/Operator
Dredge OperatorsConstruction/Heavy Equipment/Earthmoving Equipment Operation
Excavating and Loading Machine and Dragline OperatorsConstruction/Heavy Equipment/Earthmoving Equipment Operation
Underground Mining Loading Machine OperatorsNo degree required
Hoist and Winch OperatorsConstruction/Heavy Equipment/Earthmoving Equipment Operation
Industrial Truck and Tractor OperatorsNo degree required
Cleaners of Vehicles and EquipmentNo degree required
Hand Laborers and Freight, Stock and Material MoversNo degree required
Machine Feeders and OffbearersNo degree required
Hand Packers and PackagersNo degree required
Gas Compressor and Gas Pumping Station OperatorsNo degree required
Pump OperatorsNo degree required
Wellhead PumpersNo degree required
Refuse and Recyclable Material CollectorsNo degree required
Mine Shuttle Car OperatorsNo degree required
Tank Car, Truck and Ship LoadersNo degree required

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