Most Affordable Schools For Cardiopulmonary Technology/Technologist

In this guide for the most affordable schools for Cardiopulmonary Technology/Technologist you will find out:

  1. What this degree is about
  2. Careers you can do with this degree
  3. The most affordable schools for Cardiopulmonary Technology/Technologist
  4. Our top 5 featured schools for Cardiopulmonary Technology/Technologist

What This Degree Is About

A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of physicians and nurses, to perform both cardiovascular and pulmonary diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Includes instruction in cardiopulmonary pharmacology; anatomy and physiology of the heart, peripheral vascular system, and lungs; pulmonary and cardiovascular disease and dysfunction; peripheral vascular Doppler procedures; invasive and non-invasive cardiology; pulmonary function tests; blood gas analysis; echocardiograph procedures; bronchoscopy; patient management; patient history taking and record-keeping; applications to clinical research; and emergency procedures.

Careers You Can Do With This Degree

Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians

Cheapest Schools For Cardiopulmonary Technology/Technologist

Quick things to know: Cert = Certificate, AA = Associate’s degree, BA = Bachelor’s degree and MA = Master’s degree

School NameStateCostAvg Grads SalaryTotal GradsDegreesOwlGuru Rank 
Inter American University of Puerto Rico-BarranquitasPR $5,014 $18,1005 AA,B+Get info for this school
Inter American University of Puerto Rico-GuayamaPR $5,534 $18,1009 AA, BA,BGet info for this school
American Institute of Medical Sciences & EducationNJ--5Cert,BGet info for this school
University of Nebraska Medical CenterNE- $66,5006 BA,DGet info for this school

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