Most Affordable Schools For Aromatherapy

In this guide for the most affordable schools for Aromatherapy you will find out:

  1. What this degree is about
  2. Careers you can do with this degree
  3. The most affordable schools for Aromatherapy
  4. Our top 5 featured schools for Aromatherapy

What This Degree Is About

A program that prepares individuals to provide therapeutic care through the preparation and application of extracted essential oils from plants, including flowers (botanicals), roots, berries, and bark. Includes instruction in aromatherapy history and theory, basic physiology of absorption, aromachemistry, organic chemistry, botanical taxonomy, carrier oils, essential oils, extraction methods, blending techniques, application methods, safety, client consultation and treatment planning, business management, professional standards and ethics, and applicable regulations.

Careers You Can Do With This Degree

All Other Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners

Cheapest Schools For Aromatherapy

Quick things to know: Cert = Certificate, AA = Associate’s degree, BA = Bachelor’s degree and MA = Master’s degree

School NameStateCostAvg Grads SalaryTotal GradsDegreesOwlGuru Rank 
Southwest Institute of Healing ArtsAZ- $25,5001Cert,AGet info for this school

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