Best Schools For Structural Biology

In this guide for the best schools for Structural Biology you will find out:

  1. What this degree is about
  2. Careers you can do with this degree
  3. The best schools for Structural Biology
  4. Our top 5 featured schools for Structural Biology

What This Degree Is About

A program that focuses on the scientific study of submolecular and molecular components and assemblies of living systems and how they are organized into functional units such as cells and anatomic tissues. Includes instruction in glycoprotein, carbohydrate, protein, and nucleic acid structures and chemistry; cytoskeletal structure; nuclear and intracellular structures; molecular recognition; molecular chaperones; transcription and folding; multicellular organization; microtubules and microfilaments; cell differentiation; immunophysics; and DNA sequencing.

Careers You Can Do With This Degree


Top Schools For Structural Biology

Quick things to know: Cert = Certificate, AA = Associate’s degree, BA = Bachelor’s degree and MA = Master’s degree

School NameStateCostAvg Grads SalaryTotal GradsDegreesOwlGuru Rank 
Yeshiva UniversityNY $38,730 $47,2004 MA, PhDA+Get info for this school
Stanford UniversityCA $45,195 $102,3003PhDA+Get info for this school
University at BuffaloNY $8,870 $43,6001PhDA+Get info for this school

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