The Truth About
Finding Your Passion

Most people give the advice of “Do what you love”, “Find something you love to do” or something alone those lines.
We are here to tell you that is a terribly dangerous advice. Here’s why.
What if that “something” is something that won’t pay the bills?
What if that “something” is something that won’t get you a job?
Doing what you love is only 1 side of the coin. What is the other side?
We call this the 4 Circles to finding your passion.

The 4 Circles To
Finding Your Passion

Step 1: Understanding the 4 circles
Circle 1: What you love doing
Circle 2: What you are good at
Circle 3: What the world needs
Circle 4: What you can be paid for.
What most people do is they choose a career based on only 1 circle.
For example: What career pays the most or what do I love to do?
At OwlGuru, we help you find careers that you love based on all the 4 circles.
Passion doesn’t come only from 1 circle. It comes from all 4.
When the 4 circles intersect that is where your passion lies.
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Discover Your
Personality and Interests

Step 2: Finding out what suits you
Not everyone will like being a physician eventhough it pays well.
Not everyone will like being an accountant eventhough it is very demanding.
Not everyone will like being a video game designer eventhough they love playing video games.
That is where the RIASEC code comes in.
There are 6 types of personalities or interests in the RIASEC code.
Each of us have 2 to 3 of them. By using this we can accurately find careers that suits your personalities.
Find your interests

Exploring Careers
That Suits You

Step 3: Finding careers based on the 4 circles
After understanding the 4 Circles and finding out your interests,
you are now ready to search for careers that suits you.
With our career search tool you will be able to find careers that suits
your interests, your salary goal and requirements.
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