Careers For People Who Are Leaders

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People who work in these careers are required to lead, take charge and offer opinions and direction.

 Career nameAvg SalaryRating
Chief Executives1807004.97
Religious Activities and Education Directors446804.96
Coaches and Scouts391504.9
Medical and Health Services Managers1036804.83
Airline Pilots, Copilots and Flight Engineers1317604.83
Elementary and Secondary School Education Administrators917804.8
Industrial Production Managers1016404.78
Clinical Nurse Specialists697904.77
Postsecondary Education Administrators1019104.74
Biomass Power Plant Managers1016404.72
Music Directors552304.71
Judges, Magistrate Judges and Magistrates1064204.7
Nursery and Greenhouse Managers725704.69
Preschool and Childcare Center Education Administrators521904.67
Training and Development Managers1110304.67
Supervisors of Police and Detectives842604.67
Supervisors of Non-Retail Sales Workers840104.66
Chief Sustainability Officers1807004.64
Ship and Boat Captains791804.64
Secondary School Teachers593304.6
Treasurers and Controllers1302304.6
Food Service Managers535004.59
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons2196004.59
Industrial-Organizational Psychologists900704.59
Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors507604.59
Forest Fire Fighting and Prevention Supervisors735504.58
Supervisors of Transportation and Material-Moving Machine and Vehicle Operators575304.58
Municipal Fire Fighting and Prevention Supervisors735504.58
Stage, Motion Pictures, Television and Radio Directors903004.58
Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers and Repairers646704.58
Postsecondary Art, Drama and Music Teachers753504.57
Recycling Coordinators489804.56
Elementary School Teachers568304.55
Gaming Managers755904.55
Human Resources Managers1141404.55
Secondary School Career/Technical Education Teachers573704.53
Business Continuity Planners730004.52
Public Address System and Other Announcers378504.52
Emergency Management Directors698104.52
Sales Managers1260404.52
Transportation Managers931804.52
Broadcast News Analysts843804.51
Ship Pilots791804.51
Supervisors of Personal Service Workers382404.5
Postsecondary Nursing Instructors and Teachers706504.5
Instructional Coordinators640404.5


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