Careers For People Who Are Innovative

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People who work in these careers use creativity and alternative thinking to develop new ideas for and answers to work-related problems.

 Career nameAvg SalaryRating
Music Composers and Arrangers552304.8
Commercial and Industrial Designers670304.79
Interior Designers548504.78
Postsecondary Physics Teachers905004.78
Graphic Designers506704.74
Poets, Lyricists and Creative Writers678704.72
Fashion Designers736904.69
Video Game Designers855204.67
Postsecondary Engineering Teachers1020004.62
Copy Writers678704.61
Craft Artists363004.61
Geographic Information Systems Technicians855204.6
Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artists608304.59
Fine Artists, Painters, Sculptors and Illustrators511204.58
Instructional Designers and Technologists640404.52
Mechatronics Engineers963504.52
Advertising and Promotions Managers1147004.51
Hairdressers, Hairstylists and Cosmetologists279404.5
Set and Exhibit Designers531504.48
Postsecondary Agricultural Sciences Teachers901004.46
Postsecondary Atmospheric, Earth, Marine and Space Sciences Teachers903404.46
Desktop Publishers419604.45
Postsecondary Geography Teachers746904.45
Adapted Physical Education Specialists578204.44
Speech-Language Pathology Assistants354404.44
Art Directors978504.44
Recreational Therapists460604.42
Postsecondary Art, Drama and Music Teachers753504.42
Aerospace Engineers1077004.42
Operations Research Analysts829404.41
Postsecondary Architecture Teachers844704.4
Broadcast News Analysts843804.39
Program Directors903004.39
Chief Sustainability Officers1807004.38
Middle School Teachers576204.37
Postsecondary Forestry and Conservation Science Teachers848104.37
Environmental Economists1052904.37
Postsecondary Sociology Teachers748604.36
Distance Learning Coordinators829604.36
Geothermal Production Managers1016404.35
Computer Systems Analysts873204.34
Postsecondary Economics Teachers1021204.34
Postsecondary Business Teachers887404.33
Training and Development Managers1110304.33
Fuel Cell Engineers871404.33

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