Top 5 Spring Vacation Ideas For College Graduates

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Spring break is a time to get away from work, class, and the pressures of “real life” for just a little while. As the snow begins to melt and the weather gets warmer, just about everyone feels the itch to spend some time outdoors, working on their tan or breathing in a bit of fresh air. College graduates and young adults aren’t any different.

There are a number of great ideas for young adults to do in order to get away for a bit in the spring time. Here are the top 5 ideas for college graduates looking for a bit of a vacation.

1. Hit the Beach


When we think about spring break, almost everyone’s first thought is of sitting on the beach with a frozen drink in hand. That makes it the number one spring vacation for young adults.

There are tons of beaches all over the country that are fit to be your spring break destination. Whether you decide to take an entire week off and hit a Caribbean island or you just take a long weekend down by the shore, there is a reason a beach vacation is a classic choice.

2. Go Skiing


Not everyone’s ideal vacation is sitting on the beach. Some of us just aren’t ready to let go of winter!

Squeeze in your last few days on the slopes with a skiing spring break vacation. Head for the mountains and spend a few days in the snow as you mentally prepare yourself for the summer ahead.

3. Go White Water Rafting


Taking a vacation is all about trying something new and exciting, so why not go white water rafting?

For all the adrenaline seekers out there, white water rafting can be a great way to experience nature unlike you ever have before. Spend a few days on the water and you’ll be sure to have some stories to return to work or class with at the end of your break.

4. Go Golfing


If you’re looking for warm weather but you’re not one to spend your days on the beach, golfing can be a great trip for the spring. Because there are golf courses located all over, you don’t need to travel far to have a great golfing vacation.

Grab a few of your friends, head out alone, or participate in a tournament. There are numerous ways to play golf during your vacation. Select a golf destination or just travel around to golf courses in your area.

5. Explore a New City


Take your spring vacation time to visit a city you’ve never been to before. Eat at new restaurants, try local favorites, visit museums or attractions, and get a feel for what it’s like to live somewhere completely different.

Your spring vacation doesn’t have to be spent relaxing. Choose somewhere you’ve always wanted to go and book a flight. Whether it is a big city or a small city, even a weekend getaway can fulfill your travel bug needs.

There is no one size fits all approach to spring time travelling and for college graduates and young adults, a week long party in Cancun just might not seem appealing anymore. This spring, give one of these vacation options a chance instead.

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