Highest Paying States for Flight Attendants

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In this short guide, you will find out the top paying states for Flight Attendants. Equipped with this knowledge you will be able to maximize your earnings / salary and become one of the best paid Flight Attendants just by moving to another state.

The first thing you have to know is how much do Flight Attendants make on average. From there you can compare the salary difference between the average salary vs the salary of the highest paying states.

The average annual salary for Flight Attendants is $46300.

area_titleh_mean a_mean
Florida(data not available)55870
Georgia(data not available)52200
Texas(data not available)50260
Wisconsin(data not available)47190
South Carolina(data not available)47010
Indiana(data not available)46730
Minnesota(data not available)45820
California(data not available)45530
New York(data not available)43690
Colorado(data not available)43490
Massachusetts(data not available)43240
Illinois(data not available)41590
Michigan(data not available)41110
Ohio(data not available)40080
North Carolina(data not available)39750
Virginia(data not available)37980
Kentucky(data not available)37830
Utah(data not available)34880

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