Highest Paying Industries for Soil and Plant Scientists

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Industry nameHourly wageAnnual salary
Management of Companies and Enterprises40.2983800
Federal Executive Branch39.0981300
Federal government, including the US Postal Service39.0981300
Tobacco Manufacturing39.0181140
Sugar and Confectionery Product Manufacturing35.9274720
Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing35.6574150
Food Manufacturing34.8472480
Building Material and Garden Equipment and Supplies Dealers34.2371190
Lawn and Garden Equipment and Supplies Stores34.2371190
Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences33.970510
Scientific Research and Development Services33.8970480
Federal, State, and Local Government33.569670
Federal, State, and Local Government, excluding state and local schools and hospitals, and the US Postal Service33.569670
Beverage Manufacturing33.3869430
Engineering Services33.2969240
Other Amusement and Recreation Industries33.0868800
Retail Trade32.567610
Miscellaneous Nondurable Goods Merchant Wholesalers32.367170
Merchant Wholesalers, Nondurable Goods31.9466430
Wholesale Trade31.6965910
All industries, private ownership only31.3265150
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services31.2865060
All industries31.164680
Support Activities for Crop Production30.7263900
Farm Product Raw Material Merchant Wholesalers30.6663780
Federal, state, and local government, including government owned schools and hospitals, and the US Postal Service30.6663780
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting30.4763370
Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry30.4763370
Other Services (except Federal, State, and Local Government)29.6161580
Religious, Grantmaking, Civic, Professional, and Similar Organizations29.6161580
Amusement, Gambling, and Recreation Industries29.5561470
Social Advocacy Organizations28.5459370
Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services28.5459350
Local Government, excluding schools and hospitals28.1358500
Local government, including schools and hospitals28.0958430
Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services27.6757560
Educational Services, State government owned27.5957380
Colleges, universities, and professional schools, State government owned27.5957380
Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools (including private, state, and local government schools)27.5857370
Educational Services (including private, state, and local government schools)27.5757350
Colleges, universities, and professional schools, Privately owned27.4957180
State government, including schools and hospitals27.4757140
Educational Services, Privately owned27.2456660
State Government, excluding schools and hospitals26.9556060
Testing Laboratories26.9255990
Services to Buildings and Dwellings25.6853410
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation25.5153050
Wholesale Electronic Markets and Agents and Brokers25.4953020
Sector 56- Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services24.8551690
Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions24.851580
Administrative and Support Services24.7151400
Landscaping Services24.6551270

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