Highest Paying Industries for Bridge and Lock Tenders

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Industry nameHourly wageAnnual salary
Federal Executive Branch24.8951780
Federal government, including the US Postal Service24.8951780
Rail Transportation24.3550650
Transportation and Warehousing23.0747990
All industries, private ownership only22.9747780
Construction of Buildings22.5746950
All industries22.2246210
Federal, State, and Local Government22.0745910
Federal, State, and Local Government, excluding state and local schools and hospitals, and the US Postal Service22.0745910
Federal, state, and local government, including government owned schools and hospitals, and the US Postal Service22.0745910
State Government, excluding schools and hospitals20.342220
State government, including schools and hospitals20.342220
Local Government, excluding schools and hospitals19.8741330
Local government, including schools and hospitals19.8741330
Support Activities for Transportation18.9139330
Support Activities for Water Transportation17.6836770

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