A Day In The Life of Earth Drillers

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In this day in the life guide, you will find out:

  • What does a day as Earth Drillers looks like
  • What do they do every day
  • Things they do on a weekly or monthly basis
  • How many hours do they work

The purpose of this is to give you a clear picture of this career so you can make a better career decision on whether this career is suitable for you or not.

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Typical Day for Earth Drillers

Here is a list of tasks that Earth Drillers do every day.

  • Regulate air pressure, rotary speed, and downward pressure, according to the type of rock or concrete being drilled.
  • Verify depths and alignments of boring positions.
  • Monitor drilling operations, checking gauges and listening to equipment to assess drilling conditions and to determine the need to adjust drilling or alter equipment.
  • Start, stop, and control drilling speed of machines and insertion of casings into holes.
  • Operate controls to stabilize machines and to position and align drills.

Weekly and Monthly Tasks

Here is a list of tasks that Earth Drillers do on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Select the appropriate drill for the job, using knowledge of rock or soil conditions.
  • Drive or guide truck-mounted equipment into position, level and stabilize rigs, and extend telescoping derricks.
  • Disinfect, reconstruct, and redevelop contaminated wells and water pumping systems, and clean and disinfect new wells in preparation for use.

Working Hours

  • How many hours do Earth Drillers work per week? More than 40 hours per week
  • What is the work schedule like? Irregular (Changes with weather conditions, production demands or contract duration)

Work Environment

Outdoors, Exposed to Weather
In an Open Vehicle or Equipment

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