Careers For People Who Are Good At Systems Analysis

Stanley Tan

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People who work in these careers are good at systems analysis which means determining how a system should work and how changes in conditions, operations, and the environment will affect outcomes.

 Career nameAvg SalaryRating
Chief Executives1807004.75
Manufacturing Engineers963504.185
Chemical Engineers1035904.13
Logistics Engineers768304.12
Computer and Information Research Scientists1131904.065
Civil Engineers871304.065
Securities and Commodities Sales Agents1032604.065
Industrial-Organizational Psychologists900704.06
Water Resource Specialists1364504
Risk Management Specialists712304
Applications Software Developers995304
Operations Research Analysts829404
Regulatory Affairs Specialists680003.935
Mining and Geological Engineers and Mining Safety Engineers1009703.935
Urban and Regional Planners690103.935
Computer Network Architects1007103.905
Treasurers and Controllers1302303.88
Social and Community Service Managers677303.875
Business Continuity Planners730003.875
Network and Computer Systems Administrators797703.875
Fuel Cell Engineers871403.875
Farm and Home Management Advisors490003.875
Emergency Management Directors698103.87
Informatics Nurse Specialists873203.87
Water/Wastewater Engineers863403.87
Robotics Engineers963503.87
Financial Examiners864603.815
Electronics Engineers996603.815
Industrial Safety and Health Engineers848503.815
Fire-Prevention and Protection Engineers848503.815
Nuclear Engineers1046303.815
Loss Prevention Managers1102103.81
Computer Systems Analysts873203.81
Business Intelligence Analysts855203.81
Biomedical Engineers917603.81
Medical Scientists901603.81
Chief Sustainability Officers1807003.75
Human Resources Managers1141403.75
Logistics Analysts768303.75
Computer Systems Engineers and Architects855203.75
Transportation Engineers871303.75
Mechanical Engineers871403.75
Automotive Engineers871403.75
Manufacturing Engineering Technologists631403.75
Industrial Production Managers1016403.69
Environmental Economists1052903.69