What Do Energy Auditors Do: Job Description, Responsibilities and Duties

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daily life of an Energy Auditor
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Energy Auditors

Other names for this job might include Building Performance Consultant, Certified Energy Manager, Commercial Energy Auditor, Commercial Energy Rater, Energy Analyst, Energy Audit Advisor, Energy Auditor, Energy Conservation Representative, Energy Conservation Technician, Energy Consultant

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Being An Energy Auditor: What You Really Do

In this job description guide, you will find out what do Energy Auditors do and what is their typical work day like.

After reading this, you will have a much better idea on whether you will like working as an Energy Auditor or not.

Job summary

Energy Auditors conduct energy audits of buildings, building systems, or process systems. May also conduct investment grade audits of buildings or systems.

We asked Energy Auditors how satisfied they are with their job. Here is what they said.

Job satisfaction


How meaningful is this job


70% of them said they were satisfied with their job and 47% said they find that their job makes the world a better place or helps to make someone else’s life better.

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Typical day

On a daily basis, Energy Auditors Prepare audit reports containing energy analysis results or recommendations for energy cost savings. They Educate customers on energy efficiency or answer questions on topics such as the costs of running household appliances or the selection of energy efficient appliances.

1 of the main responsibilities as An Energy Auditor is to Identify and prioritize energy saving measures.

A typical day for An Energy Auditor look like this:

Prepare financial documents, reports, or budgets.
Correspond with customers to answer questions or resolve complaints.
Identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency.

We asked some Energy Auditors a few questions to find out what else does their work day look like. Here is what we found.

Do you have telephone conversations everyday in this job?88% said yes
Do you have to use email everyday in this job?88% said yes
How important is it to work in a team in this job?20% said very important
Do you have group discussions everyday in this job?64% said yes
Do you have to meet strict deadlines everyday in this job?42% said yes
Do you talk or work with customers everyday in this job?44% said yes
Do you have to deal with angry customers everyday in this job?0% said yes
Do you have to make decisions everyday in this job?42% said yes

Other responsibilities

Besides the “typical day” things that Energy Auditors do, they Measure energy usage with devices such as data loggers, universal data recorders, light meters, sling psychrometers, psychrometric charts, flue gas analyzers, amp probes, watt meters, volt meters, thermometers, or utility meters. They might also Perform tests such as blower-door tests to locate air leaks.

On a weekly to monthly basis, Energy Auditors Inspect or evaluate building envelopes, mechanical systems, electrical systems, or process systems to determine the energy consumption of each system. and Analyze energy bills including utility rates or tariffs to gather historical energy usage data.

In addition, they Analyze technical feasibility of energy saving measures using knowledge of engineering, energy production, energy use, construction, maintenance, system operation, or process systems.

Although specific duties may vary, many of them Calculate potential for energy savings.

To some Energy Auditors, it is also their responsibility to Collect and analyze field data related to energy usage.

A typical week or month for them might include:

Analyze energy usage data.
Inspect facilities or equipment to ensure specifications are met.
Analyze energy usage data.
Assess the cost effectiveness of products, projects, or services.

Working life

Working hours

40 hours per week

Working schedule

Irregular (Changes with weather conditions, production demands or contract duration)

In a typical work week as An Energy Auditor, you can expect to work 40 hours per week.

Do Energy Auditors work in an office-style work environment?


Once a week

Once a month

Once a year


Do Energy Auditors work in a warehouse-style work environment?


Once a week

Once a month

Once a year


Do Energy Auditors work outdoors?


Once a week

Once a month

Once a year


Is this right for me

Best personality for this career

The Organizers and The Persuaders

You can read more about these career personality types here.

You will like this career if you are someone who likes following set procedures and routines. They like working with data and details more than with ideas.

You also like starting up and carrying out projects. They like leading people and making many decisions. Sometimes they require risk taking and often deal with business.

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Rank: B
Salary: $58430

They inspect structures using engineering skills to determine structural soundness and compliance with specifications, building codes, and other regulations. Inspections may be general in nature or may be limited to a specific area, such as electrical systems or plumbing.
Rank: B
Salary: $51030

They apply theory and principles of environmental engineering to modify, test, and operate equipment and devices used in the prevention, control, and remediation of environmental problems, including waste treatment and site remediation, under the direction of engineering staff or scientist. May assist in the development of environmental remediation devices.
Rank: A
Salary: $51270

They collect data on work environments for analysis by occupational health and safety specialists. Implement and conduct evaluation of programs designed to limit chemical, physical, biological, and ergonomic risks to workers.
Rank: C+
Salary: $64420

They plan or develop coordinated practices for soil erosion control, soil or water conservation, or sound land use.
Rank: B
Salary: $43870

They adjust and operate surveying instruments, such as the theodolite and electronic distance-measuring equipment, and compile notes, make sketches and enter data into computers.

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Business and Finance
Green New & Emerging
Energy Efficiency, Governmental and Regulatory Administration
Business Analysis

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