Best Jobs For Introverts: Working Alone Is The Best

Stanley Tan

best jobs for introverts


Being an introvert is not easy especially when we’re living in a world where the media is putting extroverts on a podium.

Business meetings, sales calls, meeting clients and networking events, that is the world where the extroverts shine.

The extroverts are the ones who have the energy to light up the room, the person who can talk and make friends with anyone or the one who loves working in a team and gets their energy from working and interacting with others.

What if you:

  1. You don’t have the energy to light up the room
  2. You prefer to talk to as little people as possible
  3. You prefer working alone
  4. You get your energy by working with yourself

Welcome to the world of the introverts.

careers for introverts who love being alone


Before you read the list of the 30 best jobs for introverts.

How we created the list of the best jobs introverts

We want you to understand our methodology in picking these 30 jobs.

We don’t want people commenting below saying things like:

“Web developers are not for introverts! You still have to work in a team and meet clients. This list is b***s***.”

“As a law clerk, I still have to talk with my lawyers. Definitely not on the introvert list.”

Here’s the real harsh truth.

There is NO career out there that allows you to work on an island and talk to no one. None. We researched 970 careers and found none.

best careers for introverts

Even when you’re a Geological Technician out in Antarctica doing research and collecting samples on icebergs, you still have to interact with another human being.

Now, the main question is “How much human interaction do you need to do on the job?”

There are 4 main criteria that we used when evaluating the best jobs for introverts.

  1. How much human interaction is required for the job?
  2. How important is working in a team / teamwork to perform the job?
  3. How often do you have to deal with customers?
  4. How often do you have discussions on the job?

With that said, here are 30 of the best jobs for introverts

The 30 Best Jobs for Introverts

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Additional resources for introverts

solitary jobs for introverts

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