Best Jobs for Extroverts: I Want To Work With People

Stanley Tan

30 of the best jobs for extroverts

You’re comfortable being in a group – Extrovert

You feel more comfortable in a small group – Introvert

You prefer working with others – Extrovert

You prefer working alone – Introvert

So you think you’re an extrovert?

If you’re an introvert, you’re in the wrong place. Instead, you’re suppose to be reading this: 30 of the Best Jobs for Introverts


Before you read the list of the 30 best jobs for extroverts.

best careers for outgoing extroverts

How we created the list of the best jobs extroverts

We want you to understand our methodology in picking these 30 jobs.

We don’t want people commenting below saying things like:

“Pilots are not for extroverts. They are in their cockpit for 90% of the time.”

“As a transportation manager, I’m in my office all the time doing stupid paperwork. This list is b***s***.”

What methodology did we use to come up with the list?

There are 4 main factors we look at when researching and picking out the best careers for extroverts.

  1. How much of their work is spent interacting with others?
  2. How often do they have to work with customers?
  3. How important is teamwork in their job? Can they do the job without requiring any teamwork?
  4. How frequent are group discussions in the job?

Now that’s out of the way.

Here are 30 of the best jobs for extroverts.

The 30 Best Jobs for Extroverts

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