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Other names for this job might include Architect, Architect in Training, Architectural Computer-Aided Design Technician (Architectural CAD Technician), Architectural Designer, Architectural Drafter, Architectural Draftsman, Architectural Intern, Architectural Technician, Architectural Technologist, Architecture Drafter

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Being An Architectural Drafter: What You Really Do

In this job description guide, you will find out what do Architectural Drafters do and what is their typical work day like.

After reading this, you will have a much better idea on whether you will like working as an Architectural Drafter or not.

Job summary

Architectural Drafters prepare detailed drawings of architectural designs and plans for buildings and structures according to specifications provided by architect.

We asked Architectural Drafters how satisfied they are with their job. Here is what they said.

Job satisfaction


How meaningful is this job


66% of them said they were satisfied with their job and 48% said they find that their job makes the world a better place or helps to make someone else’s life better.

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Typical day

On a daily basis, Architectural Drafters Operate computer-aided drafting (CAD) equipment or conventional drafting station to produce designs, working drawings, charts, forms, and records. They Draw rough and detailed scale plans for foundations, buildings, and structures, based on preliminary concepts, sketches, engineering calculations, specification sheets, and other data.

1 of the main responsibilities as An Architectural Drafter is to Lay out and plan interior room arrangements for commercial buildings, using computer-assisted drafting (CAD) equipment and software.

Some may also Supervise, coordinate, and inspect the work of draftspersons, technicians, and technologists on construction projects.

In a normal work day, another thing that Architectural Drafters do is they Determine procedures and instructions to be followed, according to design specifications and quantity of required materials.

A typical day for An Architectural Drafter look like this:

Create graphical representations of structures or landscapes.
Operate computer systems.
Create graphical representations of structures or landscapes.
Create graphical representations of structures or landscapes.

We asked some Architectural Drafters a few questions to find out what else does their work day look like. Here is what we found.

Do you have telephone conversations everyday in this job?67% said yes
Do you have to use email everyday in this job?83% said yes
How important is it to work in a team in this job?57% said very important
Do you have group discussions everyday in this job?64% said yes
Do you have to meet strict deadlines everyday in this job?5% said yes
Do you talk or work with customers everyday in this job?15% said yes
Do you have to deal with angry customers everyday in this job?0% said yes
Do you have to make decisions everyday in this job?2% said yes

Other responsibilities

Besides the “typical day” things that Architectural Drafters do, they Analyze building codes, by-laws, space and site requirements, and other technical documents and reports to determine their effect on architectural designs. They might also Coordinate structural, electrical, and mechanical designs and determine a method of presentation to graphically represent building plans.

On a weekly to monthly basis, Architectural Drafters Obtain and assemble data to complete architectural designs, visiting job sites to compile measurements as necessary. and Check dimensions of materials to be used and assign numbers to lists of materials.

In addition, they Analyze technical implications of architect’s design concept, calculating weights, volumes, and stress factors.

Although specific duties may vary, many of them Reproduce drawings on copy machines or trace copies of plans and drawings, using transparent paper or cloth, ink, pencil, and standard drafting instruments.

To some Architectural Drafters, it is also their responsibility to Prepare cost estimates, contracts, bidding documents, and technical reports for specific projects under an architect’s supervision.

A typical week or month for them might include:

Evaluate technical data to determine effect on designs or plans.
Create graphical representations of structures or landscapes.
Collect data about project sites.
Verify mathematical calculations.
Estimate technical or resource requirements for development or production projects.

Working life

Working hours

40 hours per week

Working schedule

Regular (Set schedule and routine)

In a typical work week as An Architectural Drafter, you can expect to work 40 hours per week.

Do Architectural Drafters work in an office-style work environment?


Once a week

Once a month

Once a year


Do Architectural Drafters work in a warehouse-style work environment?


Once a week

Once a month

Once a year


Do Architectural Drafters work outdoors?


Once a week

Once a month

Once a year


Is this right for me

Best personality for this career

The Artists and The Builders

You can read more about these career personality types here.

You will like this career if you are someone who likes working with forms, designs and patterns. They often require self-expression and the work can be done without following a clear set of rules.

You also like work activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions. They like working with plants, animals, and real-world materials like wood, tools, and machinery. Many of the careers require working outside, and do not involve a lot of paperwork or working closely with others.

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