50 Highest Paying Jobs In Minnesota MN

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Here are the top 50 highest paying jobs in Minnesota, MN.

 Career nameAvg salaryJob GrowthOwlGuru Rank
Orthodontists > 187,20016.3%A+
Surgeons > 187,20023.2%A+
All Other Physicians and Surgeons $235,150
Anesthesiologists $234,40024.4%A+
Obstetricians and Gynecologists $220,79014.4%A
Internists $212,82014%A
Psychiatrists $205,73016.2%A+
Dentists $193,69016.3%A+
Pediatricians $188,05015.7%A+
Family and General Practitioners $183,01014.6%A+
Chief Executives $176,9305.3%A
Nurse Anesthetists $161,79024.9%A+
All Other Specialists Dentists $150,210
Physicists $147,07010.4%A
Architectural and Engineering Managers $139,8606.7%A
Air Traffic Controllers $130,5501.4%B+
Podiatrists $129,07022.5%A
Lawyers $128,2909.8%A
Marketing Managers $128,24012.7%A
Computer and Information Research Scientists $127,39015.3%A
Computer and Information Systems Managers $127,33015.3%A+
Financial Managers $127,150
Pharmacists $121,88014.5%A+
All Other Psychologists $120,500
Compensation and Benefits Managers $119,8803%A
Sales Managers $119,0408.3%A
Postsecondary Engineering Teachers $119,00011.8%A
Training and Development Managers $117,20011.2%A+
Optometrists $113,58024.4%A+
All Other Managers $113,540
Biomedical Engineers $112,74026.6%A
Natural Sciences Managers $112,2305.7%A
Postsecondary Environmental Science Teachers $111,60013.2%A
Materials Scientists $111,0705.2%B
Purchasing Managers $110,3702%A
Human Resources Managers $109,23013.2%A+
Advertising and Promotions Managers $108,7506.9%A
Postsecondary Economics Teachers $108,64014.2%A
Public Relations and Fundraising Managers $106,73012.9%A
Postsecondary Law Teachers $106,24017.6%A
Administrative Law Judges, Adjudicators and Hearing Officers $104,780-1.7%B+
Physician Assistants $103,89038.4%A+
General and Operations Managers $103,27012.4%A+
Nurse Practitioners $102,64033.7%A+
Medical and Health Services Managers $101,04023.2%A+
Industrial Production Managers $100,100-2.4%B+
Industrial-Organizational Psychologists $100,03053.4%B+
Elementary and Secondary School Education Administrators $98,9405.7%A
Aerospace Engineers $98,9307.3%A
Technical and Scientific Products Sales Representatives $98,5509.7%B

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